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Chado or Sado
(Tea Ceremony)

Lessons: Hokakai



About three times a month at irregular intervals, So'oku holds practice tea ceremonies called Hokakai. He originally started this event to let his old college friends know about the joy of chado. The participants are mostly young people, and it is held in a casual atmosphere.

The practice ceremonies are held in a format known as chakai keishiki. The participants take turns playing the parts of guest and host, and the rest gather around to watch the ceremony.

After this, all the participants return to their seats and have sweets and koicha.

"It's fun to have tea with a small number of close people," notes So'oku.

One of the participants, Kamitani, went to college with So'oku. He comments, "When I ask [So'oku] about Japanese culture, he tells me a lot. And in the tearoom, everything is genuine. This refined space is truly excellent."