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Chado or Sado
(Tea Ceremony)

The Tools




Tea ceremonies can have various themes and purposes; they can be held for celebrations, and they can have seasonal themes, for instance. Special utensils and items are used to add to the whole effect.






First of all, the tearoom is decorated with a kakemono and with flowers in season arranged in a hanaire. The tools used to prepare the tea include the kama, mizusashi, chaire, chawan, and chashaku.

One important point in a tea ceremony is the combination of items that are used and how they are used. For every event, the host carefully selects the items in order to express the event's theme. The guests can ask the host about the background of each item or look at the item and enjoy it. There are many ways of selecting the items, such as by combining both old and new items to match the season, theme, or guests. In a style of expression called mitate, the host may use items that seem unrelated to the traditional tea ceremony, such as by using a stainless steel pot as a mizusashi or by using chocolate in the sweets.

So'oku explains that the Musashokouji Senke owns a rich collection of old utensils that have been handed down since the time of Rikyu. "We use the same tools that Rikyu used 400 years ago in the same way. In that moment, I can feel united with a historical figure who lived 400 years ago. Unlike seeing old tea utensils in a museum, I can feel the history in my own hands. This is a joy that I can experience only because I practice tea."