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Wearable TV

What is a wearable TV?

This is a kind of TV that you can take with you anywhere. It fits on your head like pair of glasses, and by connecting it with a DVD player or other device you can watch what you want whenever and wherever you want.

The images are presented via high-quality optical lenses and liquid-crystal (LCD) screens.

wearable glasses

The images on the two LCD panels are enlarged using a prism in the lenses, meaning that the wearer will feel as if he/she is watching the images on a 45-inch �screen.�

wearable glasses

These wearable TV lenses are even used by the American space agency NASA. Their magnifying ability is useful in checking the Space Shuttle�s outer hull for damage. Because of the hi-tech design of the lenses, they can be used on the move and are easily focused.

wearable glasses

This kind of head-mounted display already has a number of industrial uses, and it is now beginning to move into the mainstream. There are some models that have a lens for just one eye.

wearable glasses

(Courtesy of Scalar Corporation)

wearable glasses

Some models can receive TV broadcasts. (It is possible to receive terrestrial TV signals in Japan and South Korea, as well as PAL signals.)

(Courtesy of Arisawa Mfg. Co., Ltd.)

(Updated in November 2007)