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 Period Three: Impact on Our Lives
How has Dr. Tange's research benefitted us in our daily lives?
In Dr. Tange's time nutrition was still a relatively young field. The new discipline of home economics, which integrated a wide variety of fields, helped provide the foundation for advanced work in the area of nutrition, which was also based on a new, synthetic approach. Having studied both organic chemistry, which concerns itself with proteins and other organic compounds, and biochemistry, which explores the relationship between living organisms and chemical elements, Ume Tange was able to map a clear and straight path for her studies within this relatively uncharted territory.

Using guinea pigs and other laboratory animals, Tange determined experimentally what nutrients are necessary to sustain life. By collecting data from various experiments, she demonstrated the roles such nutrients as fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins play in maintaining good health. These achievements contributed greatly to the science of nutrition.

Ume Tange's research provided the basis for the establishment of daily minimum caloric and nutritional requirements in Japan and were also used to help determine nutritional guidelines for pregnant women, infants, and school lunches. Even today, when people worry about eating too much instead of too little, the science of nutrition plays an important role in our lives by researching such topics as how to achieve weight loss without the loss of essential nutrients and the importance of trace elements and other supplementary nutrients. Every month seems to bring new reports of foods that may heighten immunity or lower the risk of cancer; it is the task of nutritionists to test and analyze such effects through chemical analysis and animal experiments, and to determine how the results can best be applied to the human body.
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