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Getting Around by Personal Helicopter

Have you ever thought that you'd like to fly? The power of engineering makes this exciting dream possible!

  • Since you can change the helicopter's direction freely, you can fly about just as you please.
  • It's the first in the world to have fixed rotors.
  • The body has a swivel/tilt design like that of a tumble doll, so you remain upright even when the vehicle is tilted.

You can experience unique sensations when you lift off the ground even a meter or less. The feeling of being suspended in mid-air. The feeling of picking up speed. But also the sense of reassurance that you can stop and hold your position at any time. The one-person helicopter is a new "tool of movement."

Flying Like a Bee


If we could all fly about by personal helicopter, wouldn't there be traffic jams in the sky!? Scientists think this can be avoided by developing a computer system to control the helicopters automatically. The computer would mimic the system in bees' brains that enables them to fly in groups without bumping into one another. So, in theory you could fly the helicopter without any training, although it would of course be necessary to practice before flying so that you could learn how to deal with emergency situations.

The Engine and Other Parts


Four engines
Courtesy of Gen Corporation

  • The characteristics of an engine vary according to what it is used for. Lots of parts and materials are put together to build the machine and customize it. The man who developed this helicopter, Yanagisawa Gennai, already had experience of making various engines and parts. He built the helicopter engine using his wide knowledge of parts, fuel, sound, and even materials for the passenger seat.
  • The rotors are made of carbon fiber. Just like at the time of the Industrial Revolution, which began with textile machinery, threads and fibers are the driving force for everything.
  • The 500 component parts are custom built.

(Updated in February 2009)