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Japan and the World

  • Can you give me some information about Japanese language schools?
    Please ask at your nearest Japanese embassy or consulate. For information on studying in Japan, go to Study in Japan.

  • Who was Sadako? How old was she when she died?
    Sadako Sasaki was a girl who became famous for folding origami cranes while she was dying from leukemia. Sadako was born in 1943 and lived in Hiroshima, where an atomic bomb was dropped in August 1945. When she was 11 years old, Sadako became sick because of radiation from the bomb. Her friend told her about a Japanese legend that folding 1,000 paper cranes would bring a person a long life, so Sadako began to fold cranes. Despite her prayers, she died in 1955, at the age of 12. Now the paper crane has become a symbol of peace, and every year children from all over the world send thousands of cranes to Hiroshima to commemorate Sadako's story and to pray for peace. Find out how to fold a paper crane in our Virtual Culture section.

  • How can my school group send paper cranes to the Hiroshima Peace Park?
    Millions of paper cranes arrive at the Peace Park in Hiroshima each year from across the world in a showing of the folders' prayer for peace and are displayed around the Children's Peace Monument. You can make your contribution, too, by stringing 1,000 cranes in garlands of 100 cranes each and sending them to:
       Office of the Mayor
       City of Hiroshima
       1-6-34 Kokutaiji-machi
       Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730-0042 JAPAN
    You can also search the Web for organizations that can help you send cranes.