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Basics Info: Facts

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Location: Japan's neighbors include the Republic of Korea, China, and Russia.


National Flag

National flag: Known as the Hinomaru, the flag depicts the sun as a red ball against a white background.

National anthem: "Kimigayo"


Population: 126,950,000 (as of November 2016)  >> more info

Land area: about 378,000 square kilometers  >> more info

Unit of currency: yen

  1. 1 yen

    1 yen coins

  2. 5 yen

    5 yen coins

  3. 10 yen

    10 yen coins

  4. 50 yen

    50 yen coins

  5. 100 yen

    100 yen coins

  6. 500 yen

    500 yen coins

  7. Photos:Japan Mint

  1. 1000 yen

    1,000 yen notes

  2. 2000 yen

    2,000 yen notes

  3. 5000 yen

    5,000 yen notes

  4. 10000 yen

    10,000 yen notes

Photos:National Printing Bureau


Language: Japanese (The written Japanese language uses a combination of three writing systems: kanji, hiragana, and katakana.)
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Main religions: Shinto, Buddhism, and Christianity
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Number of prefectures: 47



Capital: Tokyo (population 13,636,222 as of October 2016; land area 2,190.93 square kilometers)
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Emperor Family

Photo:Imperial Household Agency

Emperor: Emperor Naruhito acceded to the throne as the 126th emperor of Japan in May 2019. The Emperor is the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people.
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Government  >> more info
Legislature: House of Representatives (475 members); House of Councillors (242 members)  >> more info

Administration: Cabinet Office and 12 ministries and agencies under a prime minister

Judiciary: Supreme Court, High Courts, District Courts, Summary Courts, and Family Courts

Main industries: automobiles, precision machinery, consumer electronics, computers, and other electronic goods

GDP: US $4.1232 trillion as of 2015 (World Bank)
GDP per capita: US $32,486 as of 2015 (World Bank)

Facts | Geography and Climate | Life | Schools | Cities

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