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Japanese Kids' Fashion

Part 2

Annual Fashion Shows

The Tokyo Top Kids Collection is a special show for Japanese children's fashions that takes place every year. The participants are all ordinary kids with an interest in fashion. The show is held during the summer vacation period every year, making it a memorable experience for the kids and an irresistible photo opportunity for their parents.

A fashion showA fashion show

A fashion show (C)Tokyo Top Kids Collection

One of the characteristics of Japanese fashion in general is that people are not interested just in clothes—hairstyles, makeup, and accessories are all essential parts of the outfit too. This applies to children’s fashions as well—in addition to clothes, most brands also offer hair accessories, bags, and other items. There are even special hair salons especially for kids.

A special hair salon for kidsA special hair salon for kids

A special hair salon for kids (C)Zusso Kids

"Rock" style fashions are one of the major trends at the moment among younger elementary school kids. Black is the main color, with tartan checks and big stripy patterns adding a note of cuteness. Colorful and eye-catching outfits incorporating marks, logos, and ribbons are popular with older kids.

(Updated in March 2011)