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Biomass Toys


Today, people around the world are thinking more and more about the global environment. Toymakers are no exception. A new material called biomass chips, made primarily from wood chips, sawdust, and other natural resources, is now being used in the production of toys.

Biomass Toys

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Biomass chips are eco-friendly because they make use of the branches of Japanese cedars and other trees that must be removed to prevent forests from becoming overgrown. The chips are mixed with a small amount of plastic and put through a special process. The resulting material is used to create intricate shapes and is perfect for figurines.

Numerous toys made out of biomass chips have hit the market in recent years. Toy capsules sold in vending machines are a prominent example. In 2007, an insect series went on sale, featuring models of a beetle, stag beetle, and other insects. These series are no longer available because production has been completed. The models, as well as the capsules themselves, were made from biomass chips.