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Cooking Toys


"I want to try cooking, but real knives are scary, and using the stove is hard." For children like this, cooking toys are currently all the rage. But these toys are more than just make-believe—they allow kids to make real food that tastes delicious. Some kids even invite their friends over for lunch and dinner parties.



Konepan, a toy that makes baking bread really easy, is popular among children who love bread. Simply measure ingredients like flour, eggs, and sugar into the Kone-pan Pot, then turn the handle for two to three minutes to knead the dough. Next, put the dough in a warm oven to let it rise until it's fluffy, and shape it as you wish. All works left is to ask a parent to help you bake it in the oven, and it's done! With this toy you can make bread in fun shapes like animals, as well as melon-shaped and custard buns that are popular in Japan. It’s hard to believe what Kone-pan can do as a toy!