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The popular kids' TV show PythgoraSwitch takes viewers on an exciting voyage of discovery each week, looking close-up at the strange shapes and interesting events found in the world around us. It encourages people to think about things from new angles.

The 15-minute program is divided into several different segments. In "Today's Topic," the program hosts´┐Żincluding two penguins and a Mr. Encyclopedia kind of character´┐Żintroduce in a fun way curious shapes and objects that we find around us in everyday life, as well as interesting laws and principles.


In "Pythagoras Gizmo" - perhaps the most popular segment of the show - everyday objects like paper cups, paper clips, erasers, and rulers are used to build a clever contraption to carry a small ball around, like falling dominoes.


The "Algorithm March" segment is also popular. This is a combination exercise in which two or more people form a line and each person makes the same series of simple movements, such as stretching out their hands, nodding or bowing, or shaking their head back and forth; however, the second person in the line starts moving one beat after the first person, and the third person starts one beat after the second person, and so on. Movements that have no meaning when performed by only one person come to look purposeful and interesting when combined with those of the other people.


Another fan favorite is the "10 Sticks Anime" segment, in which 10 thin, short sticks are arranged to form various shapes, such as a boat to cross a river, a ladder to climb a tree, or even a snowman.

A five-minute version of the show, titled PythgoraSwitch Mini, is currently being broadcast on NHK World Premiun in around 100 countries and regions. The world of PythgoraSwitch may soon capture the hearts of people across the globe.


(Updated in February 2008)