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The anime feature Vexille hits theaters in Japan on August 18. It is scheduled for release in many other countries.

In a world 60 years into the future, biotechnology and the robot industry have made giant leaps forward, and Japan is developing one pioneering new technology after another. When the United Nations demands that these technologies should be regulated as potential threats to humankind, Japan responds in 2067 by completely shutting itself off from the world using its high-tech powers.

The story of Vexille begins a decade later, in 2077. No one knows what has become of Japan during its years of isolation. The United States decides to secretly send its special operations unit SWORD into Japan, and Vexille, a female agent, risks her life to get into the country. What awaits her there is a terrible sight beyond all imagination.




The movie depicts people struggling against their bitter fate in a grim and extraordinary world. Director Sori Fumihiko, who started his career as a computer graphics artist, has created a jaw-dropping story line packed with breathtaking action sequences. In a stunning blend of 3D computer graphics and animation, robots move with speed and agility, human characters show facial expressions just like those of real-life actors, and a desolate landscape unlike anything seen before sprawls across the screen.

Another outstanding feature of Vexille is the music, which deepens the audience's experience of the film. The tracks are written and performed by dance music stars from around the world, including Paul Oakenfold, who has provided film scores for numerous Hollywood hit movies. In Sori's words, the soundtrack is "so great that I might never be able to achieve anything like it again."

This epic anime has caused frenzied excitement even before its release on August 18, and it is sure to be one of the hottest films of the 2007 summer vacation. Vexille is also scheduled for release in 75 other countries (as of July 2007). Watch out for this Japanese anime sensation when it comes to a movie theater near you.

Vexille: The Soundtrack



Brenn Di Ega kjerke (Vexille Mix)/BLACK STROBE


Host Of Seraphim/DEAD CAN DANCE

<Music Video> Easy Action/BOOM BOOM SATELLITES

Released August 8, 2007
(Beggars Japan/Warner Music Japan Inc.)

(Updated in August 2007)