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From the first episode of Mushishi. In this clip, Ginko the mushi master goes to visit a boy. The things that the boy imitates comes alive. According to Ginko, these things are mushi.
((c) Yuki Urushibara / KODANSHA•MUSHI-SHI Partnership)

Mushishi is a popular fictional manga that tells the story of Ginko, a mushi master. Ginko has learned everything there is to know about mushi, a mysterious life form that brings both unhappiness and miracles to human society.

Mushishi has also been made into an acclaimed TV anime series. The series tells the story of the mushi and people whom Ginko meets on his travels. All kinds of mushi appear, including one that eats sounds, one that inhabits people's dreams and enables them to see into the future, and one that feeds on people's memories. People never know about mushi until they come into contact with them.


(© Yuki Urushibara / KODANSHA)

This anime has been available online via broadband since March 2007, and a live-action movie has also been released, making Mushishi one of the hottest manga and anime stories in Japan. As Mushishi spreads to Asia and North America through anime broadcasts and DVD releases, its popularity is sure to keep on growing.

As Ginko explains: "Mushi are things that are somewhere between life and death. They’re like 'beings' and like 'things.' Like they are living but on the verge of death." By entering the world of mushi with Ginko, you can explore the mysteries of human destiny and life.

(Updated in July 2007)