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Sergeant Keroro

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This clip is taken from Sergeant Keroro - The Super Duper Movie 2 - Princess of the Deep Sea, an animated movie that opened in Japan on March 17, 2007. ((C)2007 Mine Yoshizaki/Kadokawashoten, KADOKAWA PICTURES, SUNRISE, TV TOKYO, NAS)

Sergeant Keroro is a joke-packed anime starring Keroro, a frog-like alien. He and his gang of friends have come on a mission to invade the Earth - but Keroro is so dumb that his plans always go wrong. Sometimes he can't even remember what his mission is!

Keroro made friends with an ordinary middle school student and lives at the kid's house. Imagine having a space alien living with you! Keroro also has an unusual hobby for an alien: making models of robots from the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series.

Sergeant Keroro includes parodies of lots of other anime, and Keroro's bumbling antics make audiences laugh out loud again and again. The movie is based on a manga, and there is also a Sergeant Keroro TV anime series, which can be seen as far away as China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Europe.

(Updated in May 2007)