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Yes! Pretty Cure 5

The heroines of Yes! Pretty Cure 5 (Japanese only) look like five ordinary junior high school girls. They worry about friendships and things that happened at their after-school clubs, and their hearts start pounding when they are around a boy they like. But when an evil force appears and danger draws near, they transform into legendary warriors known as Pretty Cure.

The image of cute yet powerful girls who engage in fierce fights to subdue evil has won the hearts of many elementary school girls. Today, the Pretty Cure characters have established themselves as super heroines, and few girls have not heard of them.

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 is the fourth in a series of animated TV programs about the Pretty Cure girls. The first, called Futari wa Puricure (Pretty Cure), went on the air in February 2004 and focused on the exploits of Cure Black and Cure White. Since then, a new series has been developed every year, with old characters changed and new ones added. Yes! Pretty Cure 5 went on the air in February 2007. The protagonists this season are five junior high school girls.

Yumehara Nozomi, a second-year student, is not great at studying or sports, but she is outgoing and upbeat. Natsuki Rin, also in her second year, is Nozomi's best friend. Kasugano Urara, a first-year student, plays parts on TV programs and commercials and aspires to be an actress. Minazuki Karen, in her third year, is a student body president who gets excellent grades. Akimoto Komachi is a friend of Karen's who is on the library committee and wants to be a writer. The five girls are in different grades, have different interests, belong to different clubs, and have completely different personalities, but they worry together about the problems they face at school. They also turn into Pretty Cure and stand united against evil forces intent on turning the world into a place with no hope.

Kameda Masayuki, the producer of the program, says of the current series, "The Pretty Cure heroines find their own group of friends and work together as a team, and I hope they serve as a source of encouragement and hope for children."

Only time will tell what dreams and surprises young Pretty Cure fans uncover in the much awaited Yes! Pretty Cure 5 series.

(Updated in March 2007)