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Temaki Zushi

temaki zushi

Rolled sushi comes in two types: maki-zushi, which are rolled snugly in nori using a bamboo mat called makisu, and temaki, which are rolled by hand. There are no special skills required to make hand-rolled sushi; they can be made by kids at the table, and are a popular dish in many homes.


sushi rice (see page2, makes about 12 cones)
nori 6 sheets (uncut, about 8 inches by 8 inches)
fresh maguro (tuna)
cucumber cut into 4-inch-long strips
crab meat (or crab kamaboko)
wasabi (Japanese horseradish)

Cut nori in half with a scissor and place two heaped tablespoons of sushi rice on the right side. Lightly coat the rice with wasabi and top with other ingredients. Roll the nori into a cone by folding over from the bottom right corner.

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Dip in soy sauce and eat right away, before the nori goes stale.


  1. Wasabi is an essential element in sushi making. It's green, has a biting aroma, and is very hot, so be careful not to use too much! Applying it directly on the rice could make the sushi too spicy, so it might be a good idea to mix it with the soy sauce for dipping the sushi until you get used to it. Grated wasabi now comes in tubes and can be bought at most supermarkets.

  2. The appeal of temaki-zushi is that you can use as much or as little of whatever topping, although you shouldn't stuff too much into each cone. For the ingredients listed above, you can get by with just a single small container of ikura (they tend to be expensive) and a 3-inch-by-4 inch slab of maguro (tuna).

  3. Avocado and crab meat are commonly used in the "California roll," which was created by chefs in the United States.


It's really fun!
I can't wait to eat!