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Welcome to Meikei High School!

About Us

Where we're located, our history, and the kind of facilities we have.
Meikei High School is one of over 40 academic institutions in Tsukuba Science City, northeast of Tokyo. A "fieldwork" program for each grade allows students to learn from firsthand experience. During the six years at Meikei, students thus not only accumulate facts but also learn to think for themselves.

Special Events

The school festival, field day, and other big days students look forward to.
Meikei was among four schools to participate in the EarthKAM project to photograph Earth using a digital camera aboard the space shuttle Endeavor by remote control. For a week in midwinter, eleventh graders take part in a special early-morning training program. The girls practice kendo, while the boys play rugby.

Step Inside

Take this virtual tour to see what it's like to spend a day with us.
Dorm rooms have beds, desks, and shelves, but no TV. English is "team taught" by a Japanese and native-speaking teacher to give even beginners a feel for talking in English. Works of art by students are found all over the campus. Rugby is a school sport, and the high school team has won the national championship.

Distinctive Features

The things we do differently from other schools.
All eleventh graders undertake an individual research project. Each student chooses an area of interest, takes a year to study it, and writes up a report. The topics chosen have included cloning technology and physical barriers to disabled people in public transport systems.

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