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Two-Legged Walking Robot
Humanoid robot goes from science fiction to reality

P2 On December 20th, 1996 Honda unveiled the results of its research on an independent humanoid walking robot.

The robot is named P2, stands 180 centimeters tall (approximately 5 feet 11 inches), and weighs 210 kilograms (approximately 460 pounds). P2 was able to control its posture and continue walking even over uneven surfaces and stairs, without falling even when a subjected to sudden external force.

P2 did not walk in a robot-like fashion, but almost like humans. Honda made this technology into a reality by analyzing the principles of human walking.

Also, like humans, P2 had two hands and could even perform tasks using a screwdriver.

Honda has made considerable progress in making the robot smaller and lighter, and in September 1997 unveiled P3 (photo), which stands 160 centimeters tall (approximately 5 feet 2 inches) and weighs 130 kilograms (approximately 290 pounds).

Honda is continuing its research and development to refine the technology to make robots smaller and lighter and to make robots capable of more independent control for longer periods of time.

At the same time, Honda is focusing on research into that will identify the types of situations and applications in which this robot will be most useful, including data collection in places where conditions are too difficult for humans.

Photo: The Honda Humanoid Robot (Honda Motor Co., Ltd.)

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