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Tsukuba Science City

Location: Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Pref.

 Population: 180,000 (including surrounding development area)

 Estimated future population: 220,000

 Area: 27 sq km (10.4 sq mi)

 Number of educational and research institutes: 59 (48 national and 11 non-profit)

 Number of private bodies: approx. 200



The Largest of its Kind in Japan, A Center of Excellence 
Tsukuba Science City

Tsukuba Science City is a research and education center in Tsukuba City in southwest Ibaraki Prefecture. In the early 1960s, it was decided to move research institutes affiliated to government offices and national educational institutes to ease overconcentration of population in the Tokyo Metropolitan area and to promote science and technology as well as advance of education. By 1980, 43 national organizations for research and education had moved to the 27-square kilometer (10.4-square mile) site in Tsukuba. Tsukuba Science City leads scientific and technological research in Japan. In 1985, it hosted the international Tsukuba Science Expo. 

Today, more than 200 research facilities, including laboratories of private companies built in the neighboring area, have been set up in Tsukuba Science City, and are conducting advanced experiments and research in various scientific fields in an environment surrounded by natural blessings. The national University of Tsukuba, the core of Tsukuba Science City, has research facilities of many disciplines that are used by researchers from around the country. 

Photo: Tsukuba Expo Center (Ibaraki Prefecture).

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