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Shiga Kogen

Location: Yamanouchi Town, Nagano Pref. 

Designated on September 7, 1949. 
Area: 1891 sq km (730 sq mi) 
Number of visitors: 34,460,000 (1995) 



One of Japan's Most Famous Ski Resorts  

Shiga Kogen is a highland surrounded by a number of 1,300 to 2,000-meter (4,265 to 6,562-foot) jagged peaks, with some topping 2,000 meters (6,562 feet). Located at the center of the Joshin'etsu Kogen National Park, Shiga Kogen is also studded with more than 70 large and small lakes and marshes. Many hot springs have long drawn visitors to the area, and tourism started to develop at the end of the 18th century. Many types of rare plants and animals live in the area. Visitors can take a hike along the numerous trails that link the beautiful lakes during the summer to appreciate the beautiful nature.  

In winter Shiga Kogen is covered under two or three meters (6.6 or 9.8 feet) of snow, turning the area into one of Japan's most popular ski resorts. Within the area there are 21 ski slopes, and 70% of the people who visit Shiga Kogen come for the skiing. In the Nagano Winter Olympics held in February 1998, Alpine skiing and snowboarding competitions were held in Shiga Kogen .  

Photos: (Top) Ski grounds in Shiga Highlands; (bottom) Shiga-Kusatsu Highland Route. (Nagano Prefecture).  

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