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Location: Miyazu Town, Kyoto Pref. 



A Green Corridor that Links One Side of the Bay to the Other  

Located in the north of Kyoto Prefecture Ama-no-Hashidate is a spit of land that juts out across Miyazu Bay on the Japan Sea coast. It ranks alongside Matsushima in Miyagi Prefecture and Miyajima in Hiroshima Prefecture as one of the so-called "three most scenic places" of coastal scenery. Starting on the western shore of Miyazu Bay the 3.5-kilometer (2.2-mile) strip of land, which is between 40 and 100 meters (131 and 328 feet) wide, stretches across the water to reach the narrow channel at the town of Miyazu.  

With several thousand black pines growing, some of which are said to be over 500 years old, the spot has long been famed in poems as Japan's most beautiful combination of pine and white sandy shore. Experts believe that the sand that forms Ama-no-Hashidate came from two sources: some was brought up through the Straits of Tsushima into the Japan Sea by warm currents from the East China Sea; other sediments were washed down by the Noda River from Mt. Oe, which lies inland from the bay.  

Photo: Ama-no-hashidte (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). 

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