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Location: Shibuya City, Tokyo



A constantly changing neighborhood that embodies the power of the time

Harajuku in Tokyo is a fashion neighborhood

It is a neighborhood where everything having to do with fashion comes together, from casual to formal and from well-known to unknown, in stores selling top brands, shops of budding designers, selected goods shops and charismatic shops that only people-in-the-know know about, and large fashion buildings that actively feature up-and-coming designers.

Takeshita-dori, which forms one part of Harajuku, is a place where young teens in particular like to congregate.

Low-priced fashion boutiques that appeal to young teens are crowded together here on this narrow road only 400 meters (440 yards) long altogether. And that is not all. Jumbled together with them are variety shops, shops that sell character goods, shops run by celebrities, and fast-food restaurants. On holidays this road is full of so many people and it is difficult to walk straight.

In this neighborhood so sensitive to what is in and out in fashion, new stores replace old ones at a furious pace. The young teens who visit this neighborhood will someday find their own style and then leave this neighborhood behind. But although the stores and people may change, this street, as a place for young teens, never changes and is always full of vitality.

Photos: Harajuku Takeshita-dori (Japan National Tourist Organization)

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