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Makuhari New City

Location: Chiba City, Chiba Pref.

 Total area: 522 ha (1,290 acres) (Business and research zone 84.0 ha (208 acres); Town center zone 33.0 ha (82 acres); School zone 88.0 ha (217 acres); Residential zone 38.9 ha (96.1 acres); Park and greenery zone 107.5 ha (265.6 acres))

 Assumed final population: 150,000 workers; 26,000 residents



New-concept City Balancing Functions for Working and Living 

Makuhari New City, a city complex which is being developed by Chiba Prefecture, lies midway between Narita Airport and Tokyo. The district is systematically divided into areas of different functions: an industrial and R&D area where high-tech industries concentrate, the town center for cultural facilities, hotels, and shopping centers, an educational area, residential area, and park area.

The core facility of Makuhari New City is Makuhari Messe, one of the largest full-fledged convention centers in Japan. Makuhari Messe consists of three facilities: the International Exhibition Hall, the International Conference Hall and the Makuhari Event Hall. Makuhari Messe can therefore hold an exhibition and a conference simultaneously, and the buildings are fully equipped with multi-media information systems including cable television and a multi-vision system. Hosting international conferences and major events frequently, Makuhari Messe attracts 6 to 7 million visitors a year. 

Although industrial and educational facilities were developed in an earlier phase (the 1980s), the residential area started receiving tenants in 1995 and the city now offers a good combination of facilities for working and living. 

Before reclamation work started in the 1970s, the coastline of this area was a few kilometers inland from where it is now and the Makuhari area was under shallow water of Tokyo Bay. The sandy beach was lost during the reclamation, but today it has since been restored artificially along the coastline of the reclaimed area and attracts many who enjoy water sports and bathing. Along the seaside is a park area which includes a Japanese garden, marina and variety of other leisure facilities are also planned. 

Photo: Makuhari New City (Chiba Prefecture)

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