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Odate Jukai Dome

Location: Odate City, Akita Pref. 

 Building area: 21,915 sq m       (26,208 sq yd) 

Floor diameter: a long axis of 157 m (515 ft) and a short axis of 153 m (502 ft) 

 Maximum height: 
52 m (171 ft) 

 Ceiling clearance: 
46.2 m (152 ft) 



A Large Wooden Stadium that Brings Out the Best in Premium Cypress Wood  

Odate City in Akita Prefecture features a domed stadium with a wooden roof construction, which is one of the largest in the world; indeed its long axis is the largest in the world. Timber from 25,000 Akita Cypress trees aged over 60 years were used to assemble the wooden roof. The oval dome has a sufficient floor area to play baseball inside. Since part of the grand stand can be removed, the facility can also be used for various other events and sports meetings.  

A special double Teflon-coated membrane structure has been used to cover the roof, which allows enough natural light to enter so that no lighting is necessary during the day time. And the design reflects the fact that the Dome is located in Snow Country: the buildup of snow on the roof is ingeniously avoided by the circulation of warm air between the Teflon-coated membranes to shake off snow. Akita prefecture has long been famed for its Akita Cypress, which makes extremely high quality timber. The region is also subject to heavy snowfall of up to two or three meters (6.6 or 9.8 feet) deep, so, to promote sports and recreation in winter, large-scale indoor athletic facilities are necessary. The Odate Dome was created to suit these local climatic conditions and geographical features.  

Photos: (Top) The exterior of Odate Jukai Dome (day and night); (middle) the ceiling and grand stand of Odate Jukai Dome, made of Japanese cedar wood. (Odate Jukai Dome)  

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