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Episode 12

"I was afraid. Afraid that you'd hate me, afraid to destroy Kanako's arm."

Her face was expressionless, and she wouldn't look at him. For some reason, though, she looked like a little girl crying and begging forgiveness.

"Tell Kanako I'm sorry. You're probably angry, but please forgive me."

Ena didn't know that Kanako had met her end. For a moment he was about to tell her, but he stopped short. He said something else.


"Thank you."

A big smile broke across Ena's face, only to be replaced by a look of bewilderment when Tomoya said,

"But Kanako doesn't need it anymore."

He turned to leave.


He walked away and turned his back on the shop and the showcases with their glaring lights. The chaotic racket emanating from the specialty shops engulfed him, absorbed him. Behind him Ena was shouting something.

Where, he wondered, should I go today?

Tomoya realized he hadn't dropped in at Tohodo in a while. He decided to have a go at the capsule-figure vending machines.

And to this very day you'll find a one-armed figure on display in Tomoya's room.

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