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Super Figure Kanako / ShokichiIllustrations (C) Tamaoki Benkyo
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Episode 11

Eventually, Tomoya realized that Kanako had fixed her eyes on one point in the room. Following her gaze, he saw that it was a shelf where some of his figurines were displayed. With childlike, wistful eyes, she was looking at her prospective companions.

Suddenly Kanako turned about and tried to get up. Tomoya protested.

"You have to stay in bed."

Kanako wouldn't listen. Again and again she struggled to rise, failed, and fell back. Finally, Tomoya helped her up. After six tries, she was standing at last.

Kanako stood in the center of the room, legs wobbling. Silhouetted against the window behind her in the winter moonlight, she looked like a shadow figure.


"Pose me. I am a figure, after all."

Kanako held up her trembling left hand. For a full minute she held something like a pose.

"Is this all right?"

She said it proudly, flashing a smile at Tomoya.

He nodded emphatically.

"Oh yeah, perfect."

He meant it. It was a magnificent pose.  He could have run around the world shouting its praises to everyone on earth. Kanako exhaled, as if at peace.



"When I stop moving . . ."

Before she could finish speaking Kanako had come to a standstill.

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