NIPPONIA No. 42 September 15, 2007


Japan Travelogue   Enjoy Life at One of These Southern Island Resorts

Nanseirakuen Shigira Bayside Suite ALLAMANDA

The ultimate holiday on a distant island

The resort pool is nicely offset with colorful blossoms.

The island of Miyako-jima is a 45-minute flight southwest from Naha, the capital of Okinawa. Upon arrival at the hotel, guests are greeted by the cheerful sound of birds and the gorgeous sight of flowers in primary colors. The fatigue of the journey vanishes, replaced by a growing excitement to be far in the south of Japan.

After changing clothes, your first thought will probably be to get outside. Much of the island is flat, having been formed by coral. There are almost no rivers flowing into the sea, making it remarkably clear. The coastline has a number of beauty spots, especially the Yaebishi reef, which is so astounding that divers worldwide dream of coming here.

But you do not have to go further than the hotel to enjoy the Mediterranean blue sea, which is easily visible from the golf course, the pool and your own room.

Actually, all 88 suites have excellent ocean views, and all are designed with a feeling of luxury. They present a comforting choice—to take a nap on the siesta couch by the window, or drink champagne in the jacuzzi, all the while listening to the waves nearby. Later, at the hotel restaurant, there is another choice to savor—traditional Okinawa fare, or food grilled to perfection in front of you on a stainless steel grill.

If you want to holiday in the ultimate of style, this hotel is for you.

· Address: 926-25 Higashi-Suhara, Ueno Shinzato, Miyakojima, Okinawa
· Tel: +81-980-74-7100
· Fax: +81-980-74-7102
· For reservations: Tel +81-980-76-6000
· Number of rooms: 88
· (Japanese-language website)

Left: Relax on the terrace facing the sea.
Right: The lobby’s rattan furniture will remind you of the subtropical environment outside.


Left: The restaurant serves traditional Okinawan cuisine.
Right: Bedroom in the Shigira Ocean Suite.