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Quick Japanese


(1) "SUMIMASEN" - "I'm sorry."
(2) "SUMIMASEN" - "Excuse me."
(3) "SUMIMASEN" - "Thank you."

(2) "SUMIMASEN" can also be used to call out to someone when you want their attention or want them to do something for you, much like "Excuse me."

Example 2:
(Person asks store clerk to show an item.)

"Sumimasen. Kochira o misete itadakemasu ka?" = Excuse me. May I take a look at this?
"Hai, doozo." = Yes, here you are.

Note: In the system of romanization used in this section, "ee" is not pronounced like feet. Instead, it means that the vowel sound "e" as in pet is prolonged. In the same manner, "oo" is pronounced not like shoot but as the "o" vowel, similar to pork, pronounced twice as long.