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Lesson 4: Where Did You Come from?

Grammar (2)

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  4. to do or to play

    When you use the verb [shimasu] to describe an action - like reading a book or playing a sport - you use the particle [o] to mark the object receiving the action. follows the sport being played, the book being read, and so on.

    I play tennis.
    Tenisu o shimasu.
    Kenta played tennis.
    Kenta wa tenisu o shimashita.
    What do you play? nani o shimasuka
    What did you play? nani o shimashitaka
  5. (ashita) tomorrow, (kyoo) today and (kinoo) yesterday

    If you haven't begun playing tennis yet but you are going to, you use the non-past form of the verb. (There is no separate future tense for Japanese verbs.)
    I will play tennis tomorrow.
    ashita tenisu o shimasu.
    I will play tennis today.
    kyoo tenisu o shimasu.

    If you have already played tennis, you use the past form of the verb.
    I played tennis today.
    kyoo tenisu o shimashita.
    I played tennis yesterday.
    kinoo tenisu o shimashita.
Kyoo tenisu o shimashita