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Bath Salts for Kids



(C)WiZ 2007

Kids who like cooking love playing with bath salts called Furozukin-chan's Fun Bathtime. The bath salts are pale yellow and come in the shape of a ball. When placed in the tub, they immediately begin fizzling and look just like a food being deep fried. After the fizzles die down, a plastic model of a popular fried food, like deep-fried prawn or chocolate donuts, floats to the surface. It's just like you've fried the food in the bath!



The Bathtime Bakery cooking set is perfect for children who want an even more realistic cooking experience. Using the whisk that comes in the set, kids can whip up body soap to create something that looks and feels just like whipped cream. They then fill a decorating bag with the "whipped cream" and use it to decorate a plastic cake. The set even includes strawberries made out of soap. Add a few strawberries to the cake and voila! - a tasty treat is ready to be served. Kids can lather themselves with the whipped body soap and pretend they are cakes, too.

These fun new toys mean children can't wait to take their nightly baths.

(Updated in March 2009)