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Sushi Balls



  1. Sushi rice
    (See the Rice and Miso Soup section in the Cookbook for instructions on how to cook rice.)
    rice 3 cups
    water 3 1/3 cup
    rice vinegar 4 tablespoons
    sugar 4 tablespoons
    salt 1 tablespoon
    pinch of umami seasoning (if available)

    (Put the vinegar, sugar, and salt into a pot and heat slightly until the sugar and salt are completely dissolved.)
  2. Decorations
    (Makes one serving of three 50-gram balls)
    smoked salmon 1 slice
    ham 2 slices
    green peas
    plastic wrap

    2 yellow circles
    1 red circle
    2 each for tires and wheels
    1 sticky note

    other stickers of choice

making temari-zushi

  1. Shape the rice into 50-g balls using plastic wrap.
  2. For the Frog sushi, unwrap the rice, spread ham over it, add a slice of cucumber on top, and rewrap. Over the wrap, attach two yellow stickers with eyes drawn on them and a red sticker cut into the shape of a mouth, and the frog is done! You can further decorate the sushi with additional stickers.
  3. For the Assorted Sticker sushi, cut the carrot, cucumber, and ham with a shape cutter. Place them on the rice, then rewrap the rice. Attach stickers of your choice over the wrap.
  4. For the Salmon Car sushi, add rice on top of the smoked salmon slice, wrap in plastic wrap, and fix the shape of the salmon. Attach the tire and wheel stickers over the wrap. Cut the sticky note into the shape of car windows and attach them as well.