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Hamburger: Introduction


The Japanese word for hamburger is hanbagu, which usually means a patty of ground beef that's served on a plate - not in a bun. It's more like Salisbury steak or meatloaf than the hamburgers sold at fast-food shops. In most homes and restaurants across Japan, bread, eggs, minced onions, and seasoning are added to the ground beef, and sometimes ground pork is used in addition to or instead of beef.


Most meat shops in Japan sell beef and pork that have been ground together. This mixture results in a richer blend of flavors and juicier, tastier dishes. Even if you can't buy the preblended kind, you can create your own by mixing the two types together. Of course, hanbagu can be made just with ground beef; use the combination that tastes best!


"Hi again! My name is Mao.
Let's try making hamburgers together!"